You know what’s so great in this business as a coach

You know what’s so great in this business as a coach?


To be honest, at first, I thought this business was all about ME. But, what I’ve learned is that it is such a team effort and what I’ve found is the most REWARDING experiences are the ones that involve the accomplishments of my coaches and my challengers.

It’s hard to live a healthy lifestyle and explore a new opportunity, but it is 100% worth it and is why I shoutout my team so much. Today, I wanted to publicly recognize my girl Kristen… AGAIN!

She has ALREADY helped two ladies get started on a healthier journey, and as a result, she has reached her first milestone and has become what we call an Emerald Coach! Yes, it’s a fancy title, but at the core, it means she is helping people take that first step in changing their health & lives for the better and that, my friends, is pretty badass!
In working with Kristen, I’ve realized she is a go-getter, organized and SO resourceful. Her hustle matches her heart and that’s EXACTLY the kind of coaches our team is made up of.

Girl, when I see women like you realize their potential and just go after it… it gives me LIFE! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see all that you accomplish in your fitness & business goals

Does Kristen’s journey inspire YOU to do something out of your comfort zone too?

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6 thoughts on “You know what’s so great in this business as a coach”

  1. Aww thank you SO much!!!!! All my growth has been immensely inspired by YOU! And you are so right- seeing those you’ve helped succeed is the best feeling in the world! I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of your team!