When I was living my life in 2005/6/7 I was dealing with hardships:

When I was living my life in 2005/6/7 I was dealing with hardships:
1. Sewer backup/back flow caused by tree roots in the mobile home park’s sewer line that damaged the inside of my mobile home. It happened when I did my laundry. I was frantic to say the least. The mobile home park management did not want to help me and repair the damages, so all remedies were exhausted including assistance from a private company that helped people resolve disputes(I contacted them) bcuz the park owner did not want to take responsibility for their problem. They even knew from the previous year that the neighbor kept getting their line backed up. The owner made the troubling situation even more distressing, the paperwork I had to put together for Court took about a month and took away from living, my quality of life again severely diminished. I won the case. But then,…
2. My beloved Elvira’s health was not quite as it was, so I took her to the first veterinarian, who unbeknownst to me plotted to exploit my love for her. That veterinary practice smelled bad, plus Stella had died there and revived during what is called a “routine” teeth cleaning, but actually that procedure is potentially dangerous, and communication with the veterinarian triggered me to go back to Elvira’s longtime veterinarian that we hadn’t seen for about a year, maybe more, bcuz he was out on a back injury recovering as the Encina reception informed me. The rest of the details are on my petition.
3. In between all the disrespect, greed and abuses at the mobile home park that diminished my quality of life, I took classes in knitting at the adult school, I suffered debilitating migraines 2 – 4 times per month, on top of my lifelong physical weakling condition that the park was aware of, I participated in weekly Women’s Christian Fellowship Groups and the Christian Singles club, and facilitated Women’s Christian Fellowship groups eventually, and I worked 7 days per week delivering newspapers, and working as a Merchandiser, then I started my own business caring for seniors. I also took care of my beloved fuzzy family, Stella, Charlie, Muffin (July 2006 – July 2010), and Candy. Plus, I did all my other hobbies like photography, projects like my two U.S. Navy shadow boxes, Pug card collection books, framing projects, just super busy working at home. But the psycho gov keeps MALICIOUSLY LYING about me in such a cruel way, unbeknownst to me bcuz it’s NOT in writing, but we see their CRUEL AND INHUMANE RESULTS OF MY LIFE BEING DESTROYED/ING. They made me into THEIR FANTASY SEX TOY!!! It’s disgusting and disturbing.
Please, someone HELP ME, HELP US get justice for me, Elvira, and the other pets and their people!!!

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6 thoughts on “When I was living my life in 2005/6/7 I was dealing with hardships:”

  1. I also delivered the Rossmoor News newspaper on Wednesdays from 2003 until the gov wrongly incarcerated me and my boss went along with the psycho gov in 2012.

    1. I was due huge amount of Christmas tips from my customers for my 10 years of very excellent services. The residence on my 3 routes really appreciated me, a lot. I appreciated them too.

  2. Every once in a while, I think 7 x, I became acquainted with men and I would listen to their words, observe their actions, and I had even explained that I don’t date, and that I’m a Christian. But I’d find out soon that they were looking for someone to fulfill their ego and physical desires and that it doesn’t matter who they are with. So I went away to protect myself and my beloved fuzzy family.

    1. I now know, bcuz I learned recently through all my efforts to defend myself, that these men are practicing predatory flirting and it’s safer to stay away from this type of mind-set. There’s no feelings of rejection for me, but maybe they feel rejected rather than learn and mature.