Well…it lasted far longer than I thought it would, but the fun is about to end soon. The temporary cattoo I got at the BlogPaws / Cat Writers’ Association conference last weekend is starting to fade away…
I’ve really enjoyed having it…getting compliments from complete strangers and feeling a bit more free-spirited and confident than I normally do. It’s probably not the best idea for a 56 year old woman whose arms are getting flabbier each year she ages, rather than more toned, but I’d actually love to get a tattoo…
I was thinking maybe a caricature of my leopard-spotted Bengal, Zoey. She’d be standing tall, with her tail flanked up her body with flowers and ivy at her feet…hmmmm…. I guess I’m having my mid-life crisis a bit later than most! LOL

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42 thoughts on “Well”

  1. Well….Can’t you get some mailed to you somehow…I would sure try…It’s a cool tattoo!!!!….Happy Memorial Day to you & your furrbabies!!!!

  2. I got my first tattoo just before my 40th birthday. I now have several. You’re never too old to chose to express yourself. All mine are cat related, including one tribute piece for my soul kitty, Sasha.

  3. You can get one somewhere that doesn’t sag. I thought of that when I got my tattoo, which is on my back right shoulder. But then, I got that a LONG time ago – 1987! It needs to be refreshed. I keep intending to get more, but then I spend the money on stuff like software or font collections or learning courses…

  4. I got my first tat at 47 and have 5 now. Back shoulder for my favorite one so far and that’s right about a no-sag area…

  5. Upper arm is a great place for a tattoo and won’t really sag. Also, forearms. I’m 56, have 13 tattoos, and they’re holding up really well. And truly, it doesn’t matter what they’ll look like in 20 years with wrinkling and sagging. Only matters in what they mean to you.

  6. You can always get an American flag. That way when you wiggle your arms it’ll simply look like the flag is waving.

  7. Okay…you guys are no help. Clearly age is nothing but a number! I’m going to give it some serious thought…I’m not thrilled with the pain aspect, but I guess if I was able to go through childbirth twice and survive the pain, I can get a darn cat tattoo on my arm!

    1. I’m TERRIFIED of needles and you know I have anxiety – so getting tattoos is how I’ve worked on overcoming those fears. Of course it’s painful in the moment, it doesn’t last long. That being said – all my tattoos are small and took like 30 mins.

    2. It’s really not as bad as you might think, especially on the outer parts of the arm (inner upper arm is ouchy, I don’t recommend that for a first…outer upper arm, no big deal.) But if I can sit through 5-6 hours–I am a huge weenie–you can do this!

    3. It is not really that bad pain wise. The healing feels kind of like a sunburn. That’s it. You’ll do fine!

    4. Mine is on my chest, below collarbone but above boob. The pain was not terrible, got sharper as she moved closer to the center. And every time I felt like it was hurting, she would stop. I’ve got two more planned!

    1. My sister and I went together and she got running horses on her ankle. I almost chickened out when I saw how much pain she was having!

    1. Only of you want it. But they if you truly can’t picture yourself without it then it is the right thing to do.

    2. May I ask how bad is the ribcage? My friend just got one and said no worse than her shoulder but there is so much bone there (for reference I have one on my ankle and one on my shoulder now). I am thinking about the ribs for my next one…

    3. It isn’t bad at all really. You will feel vibration through the bone, which is weird, but not painful. The sensitive area up near the armpit is worse that the ribcage by far.

  8. You should get one! I have two – one on my ankle and one on my shoulder. The pain is not bad at all. Like a bee sting or cat stratch at its worst. I slept thru most of the shoulder tattoo. And I was 40 for my first one and my husband was 52 when he got his first. My next one is going to be a Celtic cat on a Celtic moon…as soon as I figure out where I want it.

  9. One of my fellow rugby fans in her 60s got a tattoo of the team’s logo on her shoulder, as she’d promised them she’d do, when they won their first national championship!