Today I spent most of my day looking for our missing baby kangaroo

Today I spent most of my day looking for our missing baby kangaroo. I walked for hours in the driving sleet and snow, checking fences all over my land and the neighbours properties.
I held one group mastermind call in the morning for an hour, then I was off searching.
I was able to spend the afternoon looking for her, because that’s the lifestyle I’ve built with my coaching business. I can pretty much take any time off that I want and need. If I want to spend my Friday looking and caring for animals, I can and do.
On the other hand my boyfriend had to go to work at 8am. Came home at 5.30pm. He wasn’t able to help look for our missing baby roo. Well…. I sent him out in the freezing dark for half an hour to look when he got home, but you get what I’m saying.
When you’re tied to someone else for your income, you often can’t do what matters to you most.
What mattered to me most today, was not promoting access to The Brilliance Realm as I had planned to.
What mattered to me most was finding our little baby roo, lost out in the freezing sleet and snow.
Rather than being tied up at work, doing what someone else wanted me to do, I’ve been able to make my choice about how to spend my day.
Even though I haven’t found her yet, and I am extremely upset and worried, I am empowered knowing that I have searched long and hard for her.
That’s the beauty in the tragedy.
My Choice.
If you want your coaching biz to give you choice, then talk to me. Because being able to have choice of how you spend your day, is power.

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20 thoughts on “Today I spent most of my day looking for our missing baby kangaroo”

  1. Phillip John do you want to give me a ring over the weekend or early next week? Message me if you do and I’ll find out where you’re at, what you want to turn your coaching into, and if The Brilliance Realm is for you.

    1. It is and there are the most beautiful amazing people coming in. It’s drawing the EXACT type of people I love to surround myself with.

  2. ok cool, will get ph no. off Sarah. or no. could be on web page. Will ring sometime next week if that is ok?

  3. I’ve messaged my number to you. The Launch specials end next week so don’t leave it too late in case you want one of those special deals.

  4. I’m so sad about that. I hope you find her since no one else may know what to do. Have you checked around to a zoo or wherever they would take her if she was captured?