This girl though

This girl though….
She made me help her clean up all the rubbish off the beach (instead of playing) that people left behind so no animals in the sea got hurt or tangled in nets and plastic
She melts my heart! She’s so kind hearted ❤
She makes me proud!
After only 20 minutes we had picked up loads of nets, pop cans, buckets and spades, plastics, cups, loads of stuff! I was absolutely disgusted that people are so ignorant why can’t people just take off the beach what they brought on! There’s bins at the top of each set of stairs! If a 6 year old has the knowledge of what our rubbish is doing to our oceans, why can’t adults take responsibility for taking their rubbish with them and setting examples to the children they have with them? I couldn’t make her see that this is only 1 day of rubbish and even if we spent all night cleaning the beach it would be like this tomorrow as no one seems to care!
I took her back to the promenade once the tide was right high, and she was so sad at the amount of all the above list floating around in the waves, like all her hard work earlier was for nothing! I had to tell her that all that rubbish she’d collected would have saved some creatures! She now wants to live at the beach so she can clean it every day
Does anyone have any answers as to who should take responsibility to make changes somehow? Like putting signs up to tell people to take their rubbish home?

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