The beauty of a staycation

The beauty of a staycation? You can drive 20 minutes and be at your gym to sneak a workout in! While it’s easy to justify skipping workouts during a holiday weekend, I know we feel so much better (and have more patience with the kids) when we make it a priority!
Working out isn’t a have to, it’s a GET TO!
There are so many people who can’t move their bodies, I’m so grateful that I CAN and never want to take it for granted! This morning I was EXTRA MOTIVATED because there has been SO MUCH INTEREST in my July boot camps! The first one kicks off on MONDAY!!! If you signed up for this one, my assistant, Jessica Brooke Motley, is working on getting you added to the group TODAY! She is seriously the BEST!
I am so grateful I get to work with so many inspiring women on a daily basis! That’s what this life is about, right?! Women helping women to be the BEST we can be! It’s not too late to join me in July! In fact, we had so much interest that we will be extending our special promotion through tomorrow July 2nd so that YOU can get the very best deal! Click the link below for info!

July Bootcamp Options!

Ahhh!!! I am SO EXCITED for you to feel INCREDIBLE from the inside out!

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