STUCK in Houston☹️

STUCK in Houston☹️
I guess I can write this one off the list of things that I thought, “It would never happen to ME!”
•So never say never.
So we are in Houston and due to weather, our flight home was delayed. No more flights going out. We called for hotels near, BUT due to earlier delays ALL hotels around this airport are FULL And we do NOT have our luggage Then we figured we better stay here to avoid the security line at 6:00am and all the ppl that were rolled over.
Well all we can do is make the best out of the situation. I don’t want to waste my energy on being upset right now.
Besides we met some nice people, Cindy, Becky and the sleeping man in the Subway chairs☺️ Cindy was nice enough to set up a movie on her laptop.
Oh yeah, when we arrived here to Houston airport We planned on getting blankets, pillows and dinner, but again as our luck continued, EVERY STORE, Food place was CLOSED!!
So we are wearing T-shirts Gina bought for her husband and snack to make dinner for the 5 of us
A KIND bar, nuts, cracker, some candy, and we have the water fountain.
Our beds are the massage chairs.
Well you all sleep COMFY, GOOD NIGHT & hold your pillow tight
#LifeIsFunny #NeverSayNever #WhyBeAngry #WhatADay #ItAllGoodIGuess #Haha #RainStopPLS

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9 thoughts on “STUCK in Houston☹️”

  1. Oh man. Wish I had seen this last night, my ex husband lives in Houston. I could’ve had him take you all some food. Sorry.