Pu Luong trekking 3 days

I am one of the relatively small number of Americans who knows when Canada Day is. I vaguely knew, but it was when I was living in Vietnam that it became fixed in my mind. This was because the university where I taught had been set up in collaboration with Canadians.
And as I love to tell everyone i have met at 

Pu Luong trekking 3 days in the Vietnam Decouverte

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4 thoughts on “Pu Luong trekking 3 days”

  1. I was surprised when I started my family history research how many Canadian ancestors I have–New England “Planters” who went to Nova Scotia before the Revolution, Loyalists who fled to Nova Scotia after the Revolution, an impressed seaman shipwrecked off Sable Island in 1812, New Englanders who went to Quebec for land just after the Revolution, plus a little branch of French Canadians and apparently some Scots who went to Quebec about 1830.

  2. I also wanted to address the beer issue. I’ve often heard that Canadian beers have a higher alcohol content than US beers, even when made and marketed by the same company. I never cared much one way or the other. My friends from Canada usually have more interesting things to talk about than alcohol content of beers. I’ve met a free Canadian strangers in my life who did want to talk about this, but their reasoning and observation skills didn’t impress me, so I gave it little thought.

    This article supports the argument that there is no difference among the major beers (with the small, and recent, exception of one beer from Labatt’s).

    Would others more informed than me like to add their ideas?


    1. Maybe it shows that Canadians are open-minded when it comes to crappy, greasy food, regardless of which side of the border the creator came from: Colonel Sanders and Tim Horton.