#Photographers, #artists … I have volunteered to find donated artwork for a hallway in a skilled nursing facility. Located across from their aviary (mostly finch in residence! see photos in comment section) … I’m envisioning creative pieces of art (text could be included, if about the beauty or song or inspiration of birds) that celebrate the creatures that soar through the air, perch on our trees, and manage to sing through all kinds of conditions and weather. If this kind of project interests you, please let me know your questions in a comment or message me. Your name and the title of the piece will of course be included in the display. Hoping to have this in place by the end of October. My mother actually resides in this skilled nursing facility, along with 79 others. Over the holidays many guests, family members, and medical personnel will have the opportunity to see your artwork. It has to be display-ready (with some way to hang your work), and size-wise, think a bit larger, but this part is really up to you. Thank you!! #art #photography #birds #nature #volunteer #seniorcitizens

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  1. Daisy, not a direct reply but related, Zara Raab and I participated in a lovely arts poetry music event with a bluebird theme at an assisted living place, part of a bluebird reclamation project the residents were doing. More plus the poems I read on this page (scroll down), Zara had some good ones also. https://hildeweisert.com/readings/

  2. Daisy, take a look at my art page and tell me if you see something that would work for this project and I’ll get it out to you.

    1. Jeff, I think any size bird would be just fine. Since you are so far away, I wouldn’t expect you to frame and mail a piece though. If you want to though … perhaps you could send the photo as a message and I could have it developed/framed here. It would just need to be something that could be enlarged quite a bit. I really think this will be great visual art for people to enjoy in the dead of winter … especially!

  3. Those were the questions I was just contemplating myself. I know the most of the photos can be enlarged to 11 X 14 which is my preferred size to print. They may go a bit bigger?

  4. Any interest … Terrill Welch, Paul Jackson, Cynthia Buckner Young, Bobbi K. Samples, Bob H Miller, Bonny Fleming, Kernit Grimshaw, Jon ‘Fiskr’ Larsen, Nancy Sutton Smith, Rich Lofthus Laurie Buchanan Jeff Bunn Jeff Stroud Jeff Rennicke …

    1. Could the offering in that hallway include books? Whether there or somewhere else in the building, I’d love to donate a copy (copies?) of my book, Under the Wild Gingerโ€“A Simple Guide to the Wisdom of Wonder. (http://www.onemanswonder.com/…/under-wild-ginger-simple…) Many have found it both artistic and spiritually compelling.

  5. Of course you may donate a copy of your book (or any number you are interested in donating). There is a library in this facility just feet from the aviary and bird art I envision placing there ๐Ÿ™‚ Message me with any other thoughts or questions, Jeffrey. And TY for responding!

    1. Hi Bobbi, yes, have been in SD for about 9 years now (because mother is here). So something lightweight would be a good option. Canvas prints, paintings on wood, etc. If you want to participate (and that would be wonderful), if the shipping is significant, I can offer to help with that! Message me if you have any other questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope all is well!