On the days when the anxiety and panic hits hard

On the days when the anxiety and panic hits hard, and the bills are looming and that ever shaky confidence has taken another hit and you wonder – truly – how the fuck am I going to pull any of this off?
Well – you gotta take a good look around you and pull in all available tools.
This morning for me that looked like phone-a-friend advice line from a wise one, a hot bath with lavender epsom salts and a purple mesh bag of fragrant dried herbs scrubbed across skin until the water ran red, my diffuser on the table next to me going full strength with all the calming oils from my last year’s birthday gift from my beloved Wild Heart Writers. It looks like swallowing the last carefully saved drops of Leigh Ritchie Steele’s Inanna’s Journey St. Johns Wort Tincture with a blessing of gratitude, and my Lotuswei flower essences and a quick dose of kava tincture because I remember Marybeth Bonfiglio’s wise advice. Its some loose leaf tea with lemon balm and oatstraw and holy basil brewing in the kitchen (and a pot of coffee too, cause fuck ya’ll – like I’m going to deny myself today) and guyatri playing on spotify.
Some days, you just have to make use of it all and hope against hope that one of the tricks works. And breathe deep. And do your best – even if that looks nothing like you want it to.
We’re all doing what we can. And it’s beautiful and graceful and glorious and messy and fucked up and hard. And still, somehow, we’re all in this together.
And even on days like today, i can see the beauty of that.

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5 thoughts on “On the days when the anxiety and panic hits hard”

  1. My dear sister Lorien Lehmer just posted a new moon report in our single/sovereign mom group that speaks to anxiety arising at this time. I shared this post there. Thank you for expressing so powerfully.

  2. Here’s the cut and pasted version Wild Heart Writers. I deleted the link to our group because it felt spammy. It’s a closed group, so can’t share directly. But if you’re interested, just message me. <3

    New Moon in Virgo...