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 Considered as a tourist paradise in Myanmar, Inle Lake is capable of capturing those who are passionate about photography. If you plan to come here, you should definitely carry a small camera, or just smartphone with good camera is enough.
As far as Myanmar’s capital, Yangon, is more than 600 km, Inle Lake is located on a lush mountain, and is one of the two largest freshwater lakes in Southeast Asia. Located at an altitude of 889m above sea level, the Inle lake area is 220km2, the name Inle in Burmese also means "Great Lakes".
Just like in Vietnam, people living around Inle Lake are ethnic minorities called Inthar, which means "lake people."
Indeed, the Inthar have been living on the surface of the Great Lakes for thousands of years, building houses and other structures here, even planting on the water.


Experience the peaceful life of Lake Inle
Experience the peaceful life of Lake Inle
Speaking of which, as in the title of the article, you will really be "drop yourself" at Inle when coming here, and that will definitely be a very interesting trip, immersed in the cultural space of the land. Myanmar.
Getting to the nearest airport, we will need to go about 40 minutes in the car, then board a boat to reach the Inle Lake where residents live. Geographically located high, the weather here is extremely cool, helping Inle really become a true tourist paradise.
A new day here, you will be watching the beautiful sunrise, in the shape of the Inthar people wear a longi (a traditional dress) standing with one foot at the end of the boat, fishing balances. This is the unique wing of Myanmar residents.
On the day, a very interesting option is to visit the floating market place right on the lake, the market usually meetings every 5 days and the focus is usually not fixed.
Invested to develop tourism, in addition to the popular holiday homes, Inle gradually grows up the high-end resorts, so you have more options to rest when coming here. You will have the opportunity to stay at the resort wood, scenic lake beautiful. The beauty of Inle still quite wild, so this place is also considered a paradise for photographers to record the impressive nature.
From the beginning of the article, I have come up with the advice that for convenience you should bring a smartphone capable of impressive recording. The Huawei Y7 Prime is an incomparable choice, with a 12 megapixel camera with built-in big pixel technology and professional manual focus for sharp images even in low light conditions. the heavy DSLR, instead easily record a series of beautiful pictures in the immense wave.

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