I’m curious to others thoughts

I’m curious to others thoughts. Anytime there is a mass shooting or some other tragedy like this I always think about these families and how awful this must be for them. I can’t imagine the pain and confusion they go through. Reading this article actually brought me to tears, to think of a complete stranger slapping this woman in the face just breaks my heart. She didn’t shoot anyone, and we are all guilty in some way of having blinders on when it comes to people we love, what more could she have really done? Where is the empathy?

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4 thoughts on “I’m curious to others thoughts”

  1. I read this also and it made me really sad. This poor woman did not cause this, and probably never dreamed that her husband would have done something like this, even if he was an angry man. And the woman slapping her??? What has gotten into people!

  2. empathy compassion objectivity… many many people just don’t have it in them. it’s easier to judge than to find compassion.