If you’re looking for the smartest strategies to become a leader in your industry, here’s a fascinating interview I had with Rustica Lamb

If you’re looking for the smartest strategies to become a leader in your industry, here’s a fascinating interview I had with Rustica Lamb, a leading edupreneur in New Zealand.
Here’s 5 key learning that shaped Rustica’s Journey
1. Follow your natural path
When I met Rustica she was struggling with property trading. As she says, “I was trying to be a property trader which just led to disaster.” That’s when she discovered that she was a ‘Supporter Profile’ in the Wealth Dynamics system, which meant her flow was in connecting with people and leading teams. She now jokes, “My job in the business is to drink wine and coffee every day.”
2. Begin by following flow, not trying to create it
Acknowledging her passion was in e-learning, Rustica got out of the loss-making properties she had and quickly turned her cash flow around by partnering with a trusted contact who ran a recruitment company, Bloom Recruitment. There, she earned while setting up an elearning training division. Today, she owns the entire company.
3. You don’t need to climb the mountain if you can parachute in
Now, with a role that connected her every day with the e-learning industry, she was able to launch eLearnz – New Zealand’s first national event for the industry. She found out who the expert speakers were that people wanted to hear from, and brought them in from the US. Rustica says “I started with eLearnz and bringing people in Internationally, and getting our competitors to pay us money as sponsors which people to this day can’t believe.”
4. Look out for synchronicity when it happens
With her reputation in New Zealand growing, Rustica came to my event in Bali and met Angie Stead, who runs a series of preschools in New Zealand. That’s when a chance meeting happened about the Green School in Bali, where her daughter had been to school: “On the party night on the last night… I was just saying I wanted to bring it to New Zealand, and she said ‘Oh my gosh, that’s something I want to do too, and change the education system."
"And then fortuitously the volcano went off and we had an insurance paid holiday swimming around a pool for seven days. And within the seven days – in fact in one day – we had the plan and the other six days we spent working on it.”
5. You can do good and do well at the same time
Today, Angie and Rustica are launching Genius School, which is now taking their leadership of the education revolution, and making it global. Rustica says of the many education innovators around the world, “What is fantastic with this community… is that we can bring them all together and everyone can be a part of that if they want to be.”
Rustica is following in the footsteps of Jack Welch, Steve Ballmer and Meg Whitman – people-focused leaders that grew global organizations by connecting with the right Creators, and never having to struggle to launch their own business.
"If you dig from a river, you dig yourself a new river. If you dig in a desert, you don’t dig a river – You dig yourself a hole."
How much more of a difference could you make if you, like Rustica, were to find and follow your natural flow?
If you want to join Rustica and our other global entrepreneurs have a look at the Entrepreneur Mentor Certification we launched today, where we’re all going on a 12 week journey together to grow the Entrepreneur Movement: http://entrepreneurmovement.geniusu.com/enrol
And you can connect direct with Rustica at Genius School
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10 thoughts on “If you’re looking for the smartest strategies to become a leader in your industry, here’s a fascinating interview I had with Rustica Lamb”

  1. Your awesome Rustica 🙂 My kids have been to green super camp, and what you and Angie are doing will totally revolutionise schooling internationally and many children would have so much valuable learning and experiences.

  2. Rustica Lamb’s comments above resonate perfectly with me as a fellow Supporter. Roger James Hamilton is gifted as a Mentor to help people find their flow which he has obviously done here with Rustica and many, many more people I personally know over the 11 years since I met him. It’s wonderful to see the freedom people experience when they get into flow…

  3. I personally think the a Supporter profile is the most difficult. We have great value in our relationships, introduce people then they “run off and make the money” or we don’t know how to monetise our relationships. Supporter build trust very quickly (if they haven’t been too defocused chasing each new ‘sparkly thing’) It’s only 5 years into my business and only now starting the see the huge value of being trusted.

  4. Thank you Roger again for shining the light on my (sometimes difficult) journey. You have often shone light in my darkest times, and I wouldn’t be having the life, experiences or being the person I am today without your mentoring support and community you have created. You are right, people should totally jump on board the Entrepreneurial Mentoring because they to can achieve what ever they want.