If this sort of thing keeps up

If this sort of thing keeps up, I will be removing my web presence as fully as possible.
The app limited how many I could tag. Apologies to anyone who would have liked to be tagged… and apologies to those who didn’t want to be tagged. (You can get a drop down menu to untag yourself at the upper right corner of the posting. No offense meant and none taken if you remove my tag.)
This is a reliable site. I’ve set the share to “public” if you want to pass it along.

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30 thoughts on “If this sort of thing keeps up”

  1. Just so, Charles William Henderson. The interrogations were what I referred to starting sooner than I expected.

    1. And it will get worse as long as the people believe it’s making them safer. The first six amendments to the Constitution, the most important part of the Bill of Rights, have been badly eroded, all in the name of increasing public safety and national security. They’re jailing people today for saying offensive things or writing offensive things, and offensive things being defined as not politically correct.

  2. I know. And for being poor, sick, etc. People are about to die, and it won’t be pretty.

    Fear… the seeds of horror. :-/

  3. The other problem is that you don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to get a job checking Visas at the airport.

  4. I recently read that border security agents are giving refugees a hard time crossing over INTO Canada from the US. How crazy is that?

    1. There’s also a proposed law – in Canada! – that would let U.S. Border Patrol agents cross the border and operate on Canadian territory to catch refugees.

  5. To live in fear is not to live at all……..Trump will be locked up before he circumvents free speech and thought. Obviously these occurrences must be shouted out by all.

  6. So when Facebook is no longer a safe venue to express your opinions (it’s only a matter of time), how do we share our thoughts with each other?

  7. I saw last evening that Americans crossing into Canada to go out to dinner, etc are having to surrender their phones and passwords to border agents before crossing back into the US so the contents of their phones can be scrutinized. How did we get to this sad point?

  8. So any story which makes you fearful of travel, should be checked, if enough folks believe the story, then others will fall into line with trying to uncover the truth

    1. That’s like that game we played in grade school – Telegraph. Everyone sat in a circle, and the teacher whispered something to the person next to them. Then that person whispered it to the NEXT person, and so on, until it got to the one on the other side of the teacher – who would then say it out loud. Then the teacher would show the original written version of the sentence to the class to show how distorted the message had gotten. That is often how “rumor mills” work, too!

  9. Exactly Sue
    Or Story Circle
    Just to see how mutated or possibly improved, by the time it got back to the original story teller
    The rumor mill can work for or against anyone who chooses to use it
    You just have to be careful who is included in your circle
    Can you imagine the flap if someone made a ‘to scale’ guillotine and tossed it over the fence onto the white house lawn…or left it in an executive toilet?
    I’m not saying I’d do it
    But let’s face it, with our media coverage, every journalist literally stepping on toes to catch something no one else caught a public figure saying, well, say, in a hostage situation….with the media outside like sewer rats, they broadcoast every move the rescuers are planning to diffuse the situation, because, a quck resolution doesn’t pack the punch of 6 killed, 27 saved…it Could have been worse…(and heaven knows we did our best to cover every drop of blood)

  10. It’s not legal. Laws don’t stop such things. Or the use of guns, etc. Outlaws simply don’t care.