I use Face Book mostly as a tool to promote my work

I use Face Book mostly as a tool to promote my work, but also to stay in contract with my friends and family. I try to not respond to political post, although I have from time to time shared my opinions about this last election; even though I said I wouldn’t. A dear friend of mine has been posting a flood of one sided political opinions that he knows is contrary to my views. He is not directing them just to me, but I know that if I were to post my opinions in the same way he would not forgive me and stop speaking to me all together. So I usually ignore his political post. Yet this morning he put another one up that I found so offensive I felt a need to respond. Unfortunately, with the way my feed has been jumping around I posted on the wrong thread. It was a non-political conversation between some friends. One of them asked me in a kind way to not try and start a political argument with them. I quickly apologized and fortunately I was able to remove my post. I realized that I had given into the trap of the mudslingers and I need to temper my anger. So, I will work harder at holding my tongue and reserve my opinion for the voting booth. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “I use Face Book mostly as a tool to promote my work”

  1. It is also a good idea to remain friends by unfollowing, and hiding posts you do not agree with instead of just trying to debate.
    Most rather argue since a debate has the chance to change a person’s ideas or stance, yet many rather defend and not listen to the other side.
    That ends all debates and starts wars.

  2. You know I never got back to you on your first book. I loved it. I let my BF read it and he really really liked it so I need to get your next one from Amazon downloaded.

    1. Thank you Sandy. I’m very glad you liked my book and plan on reading #2. I’m trying to get the third one done by this summer.

  3. Matthew thank you for your reply and I respect our differences as well.

    Political Foreign Affairs and Policies.

    We don’t have to agree on politics for that matter not even religion. But when it comes to a state of emergency, you’ll see a congregation of people coming together. All standing side by side for the common good. Like on 9/11.

    I voted for former President Obama twice. Most of the country was very proud to see our 44th President take office.

    It would be sensible to give President Trump also a fair chance. He inherited a huge deficit in this country. His executive orders to implement illegal immigration laws is part of the constitution and immigration laws to protect this country.

    President Trump signed another executive order to ban potential terrorists from seven terrorists countries. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

    It would be wise to add Saudia Arabia as well; since the 19 terrorists responsible for over 3,000 deaths on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. I have never been an advocate or supporter of all the past Presidents ties to Saudi Arabia and capitalizing on that relationship.

    The Department of Homeland Security just identified and reported 60,000 up to a 100,000 people from these 7 terrorist countries had expired visas living here in the United States.

    If the President chose to do nothing regarding the safety of this country. Wouldn’t that be a much bigger problem to deal with and live with; affecting our very freedom and the lives of all Americans?

  4. When I see an obvious lar I always point them out. This batch of politicians seem to try their best at telling the bigger whopper. It grinds on me to let them get away with the slime comments too. Our “so-called” leader is the worst of all. And bully other associates to verify the lies. This is not a good thing.