I just got the call from my Doctor’s nurse

Woohoo, I just got the call from my Doctor’s nurse and my blood work is back. All my levels are amazing woop. I still need to see my hematologist about that little mass on my thyroid, but my thyroid levels (whatever that means) in the blood work is good. My kidney levels and liver levels (again, medical jargon escapes me) is good. That means I have been a good girl woop. For those of you who don’t know…a few years ago now, I had a scare where one of my kidneys was not functioning well (they said it was shutting down). I was told to cut back on caffeine and start drinking more water. When I heard this news, my water intake consisted of what was in my pot of coffee a day, and what was in my sweet tea (3 Route 44 from Sonic daily) add in a bottle of wine here and there) Yep, I didn’t drink water much, unless it was in one of those drinks LOL. So, I left the hospital with a mission…CUT THAT SHIT OUT. So, I cut myself down to 2 EXTRA LARGE cups of coffee a day, and water the rest of the day. Now, don’t think I went crazy and cut out wine, ’cause a girl needs her wine. I feel a lot better and am glad I made the switch. I don’t miss the tea anymore and since I cut pop out a couple years before that, I’m happy that I didn’t do irreparable damage. Life is good <3

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48 thoughts on “I just got the call from my Doctor’s nurse”

  1. I got high blood pressure and put on meds since I recently went to the doctor and I can’t have caffeine at lol along with sodium. Also had a heart sonogram and found out I have mild thickening of my heart muscle valves too. I will see on Monday what the doctor decides to do when I hand in a paper with my blood pressure I record twice a day.

  2. Thats great news!! I was recently diagnosed with Graves’ disease, which causes hyperthyroid.. its not fun but my level are slowly going back normal.

  3. CONGRATS. I was admitted with Renal failure to on of my kidneys. I’m fine and all my blood work has been good. I drink about 5 or 6 16 punch bottles of water a day. Keep up the good work

  4. You no my daughter had kidney problems when she was little. Do you no what they told me to never let her drink? Tea they said it’s the hardest on the kidneys

    1. Lol yeah it was her favorite to at the age of 6 till we had to spend a week in the hospital so they could fix her kidney. She’s not had any since. None of us have lol.

  5. I cant drink strong tea very often because I get kidney pain. So, I drink it once in awhile. 🙂 Glad everything is good with you!

  6. WOOHOO…Thyroid controls a lot of things. One odd ball thing it controls is you gray hair. If your thyroid is out of wack, it will make you go gray…WHAT!!! Yep. I was 70% percent gray in 2011, they put me on thyroid meds for 3 weeks, I am now 20% gray. I liked the gray too..

  7. I’m on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. The doctor had to kill mine!!! (that sounds horrible!! LOL ) You probably mean your T3 and T4 and Free T4 levels! LOL That’s thyroid talk! Glad everything is awesome and that you’ve been a good girl!!

    1. Yeah, they check mine once a year also but so far I’m staying level and in the right range! I was hyperthyroid and medication wouldn’t stop it so they “killed” it!