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 As well as paintings of villages, Kim Hoang paintings, Nam Hoang paintings, Hang Trong paintings … Dong Ho painting in Bac Ninh is a special folk painting line, requiring the ingenuity of Vietnamese hands. Dong Ho paintings are printed from wood carvings, created and developed by villagers in Dong Ho village. This is the line closely attached and express the dynamism of traditional Vietnamese agricultural society, the working life of simple farmers, quality, customs, habits and activities of the Vietnamese people. We can find familiar images in Dong Ho paintings such as mice wedding, pigs, chickens, coconut girls or jealous scenes of the young couple …
Dong Ho painting with values ​​of folk art went into history books, poetry, into the soul of the Vietnamese. Po Tu Cuong on the pictures of Dong Ho on the day of Tet has a saying: Strangle outside the yard of firecrackers, fireflies on the walls of the chickens or in the poem "On the other side of the Duong River", poet Hoang Cam also describes the beauty of Dong Ho painting With the verse: "Painting East Lake pigs fresh strokes in the color of ethnic brilliance on paper messages." Not only have the characteristics of the lines and lay, the folk paintings of Dong Ho paintings also located in color and print media.

Some wood carvings of Dong Ho and the scallop are used to sweep the paper 

Dong Ho paper is called scallop paper: crushed scallop shell, a thin shell in the sea, mixed with lakes (the lake is made from rice flour or sticky rice, sometimes cooked with tapioca flour – The scallops are usually thinly cooked from either plain rice flour or cassava flour, and glutinous rice from sticky rice is often used for paste.) Use a brush to brush the surface of the paper. The colors used in the paintings are naturally colored from plants such as black (charcoal or bamboo charcoal), blue (copper rust, indigo), yellow (red), red (gravel, wood). These are the basic colors, not mixed and often Dong Ho paintings only use up to 4 colors corresponding to the number of wood engravings. 

To complete a painting, the painters must be very elaborate, careful and take many steps: paint the lake on paper, drying paper for the lake, sweep the message and then dry the paper to dry the message, when printing must. Each color is printed in turn, if there are 5 colors, 5 times, every time a printing is exposed … As such, each layer, each layer under the sunlight sparkles the image, the lines of the natural scene. , lifestyle of the people with Folk Music Via Travel … 
Nguyen Dang Che, a famous artisan of the Dong Ho folk line, explains the meaning of using colors to suit different themes: red background for jealous paintings. the faintness of the air at that time, the yellow background for the joyful spring filled the painting on the day of Tet, the light pink background for the peaceful village … Dong Ho painting dates back to the Le dynasty, Origin of Dong Ho village, Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh district, Hebei (old). In the past, the market held five sessions in the only month of the year – December on days 6,11,16,21,26. In the 16th century, Dong Ho painting appeared but no one can count how many samples are there but only 5 types are: Painting, Painting, Painting, Paintings and Comics. 
In the past Dong Ho painting was sold mainly for Lunar New Year, the rural people buy paintings on the wall, the end of the year to remove, use new paintings. The peak period of the village was around the late 19th century to the 40s of the 20th century. At that time, there were 17 families in the village, all of them making pictures. In July, August every year, the whole village is busy preparing for the Tet holiday, the whole village is full of colors of paper, no vacant land is left by the people of Ho village. Used to expose paper: from the yard, the yard, along the alley, the village road, along the embankment to the roof, the roof …

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