Can you say GROSS?

Can you say GROSS?
My posts may annoy you, and if they do I completely apologize… but here is what I have found and a HUGE reason why I have stopped purchasing from huge retailers when it comes to cosmetics, and there is a better way!
The older I have gotten, I have become more concerned with what I put on my body. I have found that spending a little more on makeup and skincare goes a LONG away for so many reasons.
One thing I can promise you about our makeup and skincare is that it is safe for you and your entire family. I used to not care about what I put onto my body and skin. As I have become more conscious, I worry about toxins that could cause skin cancer. I worry about wrinkles. I worry about sun burns. I worry about having good/safe makeup and skincare that my entire family can use.
These big companies don’t care about those things, and this is PROOF. They are out to make a quick buck!
I am passionate about what our makeup and skincare has to offer because we are 99% nature and 1% science. We offer non-toxic makeup that contain properties that work to reverse the clock on your face. Our makeup offers a mechanical shield, so that you don’t get sunburned!
When I was 15, I didn’t mind sun burns at all. I wanted to be tan.. at 28, that isn’t cool anymore. It causes wrinkles and skin cancer! It causes your face to age so much more rapidly. My makeup protects my face in the sun.
Did you know while in Costa Rica I wore my makeup out by the pool every single day.. and guess what, I didn’t get burnt AT ALL! My face had a shield!
Become aware and read up on what you allow on your skin! Protect your kiddos too! For more than 60 years, we have been bringing cleaner, more comfortable homes to America. Save stanley steemer promo code $99

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